We empower FILMMAKERS with Meaningful Music and Sound Advice

Konsonant Music is a leading group of world renowned, award winning composers and recording artists from around the world with over 50 years of experience scoring Film and Television projects. Learn more about the passion, talent and expertise of our core team Andrew Gross, Gil Talmi and Gisela Fulla-Silvestre.

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Original Music

Konsonant Music provides custom scoring for Film, TV & Advertising. We have scored hundreds of Narrative & Documentary Films, TV Shows and Commercials. We have a deep passion for Socially Conscious Projects and helping Filmmakers bringing their stories to life.

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Project Management

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Music Supervision & Clearance

We have  provided artistic direction and clearance advice for countless award winning productions. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your next project.

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Sometimes your project can benefit from a blend of custom and licensed music to realize your creative vision. We will work with you to find the right solution bringing in our expertise from decades of experience and a passion for storytelling.

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Browse our catalog of high end exclusive music. We have curated customized playlists for Independent Film, Documentaries, TV and commercial productions. We offer various packages to suit your unique music requirements.

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Sound Design & Mix

We offer full Post Sound Services for your project. We pride ourselves in our ability to approach sound with the same creativity and sensitivity that we put into our music. Music and Sound Design for a film occupy the same sonic space. We believe in approaching both with foresight and mindfulness so they end up serving your story as best as possible instead of competing for that sonic space.

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Additional Services

Konsonant Music can provide our expertise for your project in the areas of:

  • Customized Music Searches
  • Custom Tailored Music Editing
  • Personalized Consultation and Project Managament
  • We are coffee connoisseurs: it’s always part of the deal!